Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Annual BURP (Beer Utilization & Reduction Party)

As some of you might know, I do a little bit of homebrewing. Every now and then, I end up with too-much beer for personal consumption, and I occasionally have to ask my friends to help me with my problem. That's why we're once again hosting...

Bad Ben's 2-1/2 Annual "Beer Utilization and Reduction Party" (BURP).
Date: This Saturday night, June 31st...(also known as July 1st)
Time: 6:37 PM until 11 PM
Where: My house. I can e-mail directions.

The theme of this year's party will be "Fashion-Challenged." If you want to participate in the fun, please wear a psychotic clothes combination. (To all I.T. folks and software engineers: well, just come as you normally would dress for work). If you don't want to participate in the fashion extravaganza, please try to wear some beer-related or W.C. Soccer clothing.

We'll provide some "hearty munchables" and will have several homebrewed beers on tap, along with a few bottles of decent wine.
Please bring your choice of ONE (or more) of the following:

1) Snack food, or a potluck item.

2) *Beer, mead, or an interesting wine; (ESPECIALLY if it's homemade).

3) A semi-good looking Significant Other, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, mistress, gigolo or reasonable facsimile, thereof. Or you can bring a friend or just yourself.

NOTE: If you plan on imbibing like a frat-boy or whorority-chick, please BRING A DESIGNATED DRIVER; (or you can stay-over and sleep on one of our nice air beds and have our big, slobbery dog lick your face all night).

*Homebrewers: For mini-kegs I have an extra CO2 bottle and hoses, if you have the proper fittings.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Father's Day Brewing

Well, it's Father's Day weekend. I plan to homebrew on Sunday, after a nice, long run with some buddies. (Yes, my injury is healed, and I'm back to running trails, once again).

I'm finally going to brew the Imperial IPA that I purchased the ingredients for, (weeks ago).
The cartoon is courtesy of a fellow runner & blogger, Dice.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Beer Review & Nanobrewery Update

I bought a six-pack of Great Divide Brewing Company's "Denver Pale Ale" the other day. I've tried many of their other beers, but finally got around to trying their English style pale ale. I would describe it as crisp and non-affronting. It's a decent pale ale, but I'd rate it (style-wise) as 1/2 way between an American Pale Ale and and English Pale Ale. (Not that that's bad). It's not a bad choice for a Summer session beer, (otherwise known as a "lawnmower" beer).

Nanobrewery update:
The Poor Richard's Ale that I brewed recently was a success at a runners gathering, the other night. It's a good session beer, and I'm growing more fond of it every time I have a glass. At first, I didn't want to brew a beer with corn in it, but it turned out to be very OK.

My Spring Fling IPA will be on tap by Saturday night. I can't wait to give it a try. Sometime next week, I'll keg & carbonate the Belgian-style Saison. The "pre-tastings" of this brew (when I checked the specific gravity) really got me (and my son) excited.
It's going to be a good Summer for beer drinking at the Ol' Homestead!