Friday, November 06, 2009

Update and Sierra Nevada

Well, I brewed my Robust Brown Ale a couple of months ago, and it is tasty. I've taken it to several events (where it was well-received), so I'm almost out of homebrew, for now.

On the commercial front, there are some interesting beers out for Autumn from Sierra Nevada.

Sierra Nevada has another edition of Torpedo out, now.

It's always tasty, but at 7.2% ABV, it's definitely not a session beer.

Then, there is Anniversary Ale.

I've enjoyed all of Sierra's anniversary offerings since 2007, and this one is really nice. Complex, yet extremely drinkable, and not overly powerful. It's on the high side of a session beer. 2 to 3 bottles per session.

Every year, I also await the arrival of their Celebration Ale...especially the on-tap version. In the Kansas City area, look for it to be on tap (in mid-December) at possibly: Barley's, Grinders, or Flying Saucer.

And, I can't wait for this:

Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head to release “Life & Limb” Collaboration
Chico, CA (08/12/09)—This fall independent craft brewers Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head, will release two collaborative beers. Limb & Life—a draft-only beer—will debut in October; with Life & Limb 24oz bottles and limited draft to follow in November.

I would also like to try their new year-round release, Kellerweis Hefeweizen. The Sierra Nevada PR group says about it, "Several years ago, the brewers began working with a unique Bavarian hefeweizen yeast strain unknown in this country. This amazingly flavorful yeast was so exciting that they began working on a recipe for a traditional German hefeweizen with the Sierra Nevada twist."

It will be interesting to see how SN interprets a Bavarian hefeweizen style. I haven't seen this product locally, yet. I'm sure it will show up, somewhere.

By the way, I don't work for Sierra Nevada, and I have no financial interest. I've always thought that they've produced a quality product, though.


Friday, June 26, 2009

What's New on the Bad Ben Beer Front?

My love (Sophia) and I enjoy a beer at Flying Saucer.
Photo credit: S.O. Cindy Busjaeger.

Well, I have 3 beers on tap, right now: Ersatz Schneider Weisse, Summer IPA, and my Belgian Uber Saison. Everybody seems to love the Weisse...(but I'm really not a huge fan of the style). I at least know that I did a decent job on it. The IPA and Saison round-things out nicely, but it would be nice to have my Brown on tap, as well (sigh).

The KC Beer Bloggers got together when Lee was last in town a little over a week ago. It was a nice, easy-going night. Good times.

There are some things happening around town on the professional brewing scene....more, later.

You'd better not over-imbibe!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Brew Weekends in a Row

One week ago, me and my wonderful assistant brewed a 2nd batch of the brown that was so well received. I've already transferred it to secondary fermentation.

This past Saturday, we brewed a nice Belgian style ale.