Friday, April 11, 2008

Brew Vote: What To Brew?

What should I brew next? A nice Porter or an IPA?

I want both on tap (soon), but can only brew once this weekend.

The MaiBock is just about ready. I'll check on it's condition this weekend.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Complete Douchebags

The new Cordish Company's Power & Light District is only for complete douchebags, I guess. It's now "headwear non-inclusive."

I was turned away from 2 locations because I was wearing a FlexFit hat, (a KC Trail Nerds running club hat). They wouldn't let me enter, unless I took off my "gangsta-style hat." Yeah, maybe I looked like an idiot with my hat and runner's jacket on. But at the same time, a redneck idiot wearing a "tubed-out" and frayed circa 1990s OldSkool NASCAR hat, sporting a 1995-style goatee, and wearing a tee-shirt with the sleeves ripped-off, was let in without a problem.

The offending "Gansta" hat (left).

A DRESS CODE that caters to Bud-swilling redneck mothertruckers...WTF??? This is just weird. Who do they think will spend more money? (Well, possibly he will, when he gets tanked-up, and buys a round for the bar). But who do you think tips the staff better (or at all)? Rednecks, as a rule, refuse to tip.

FUCK DOWNTOWN. At least that part of downtown. I'll still go to Grinders and the Bulldog and other haunts of mine. I'm voting with my dollars and with my feet.

HAT FASCISTS!!!!!!!!!!


Bad Ben