Wednesday, March 14, 2007

High-brow Brews, Right here in River City

The local Macro-brewery (Boulevard Brewing Company), is doing some interesting things. They will produce 400 cases of fancy and robust Belgian-style & oak-aged beers, bottled in traditional champagne bottles with champagne corks and wire cages. See article.

Boulevard recently became the 10th largest craft brewer in the nation, despite being distributed in only eleven Midwestern states. They really do a good job, too.

Special Note: Before I went on a trip to Belgium back in 2000, Boulevard's brewmaster (Steven Pauwels, the Belgian Brewer formerly from Brugge Brewing) gave me his business card to flash around. It got a lot of (brewing) doors opened for me in Belgium! I almost had to purchase an extra ticket for my liver, for the return trip.

At Boulevard Brewing Co., Belgian-born brewmaster Steven Pauwels tests fermentation inside a bourbon barrel. Pauwels and a team of beer makers are planning a Smokestack Series — high-end craft beers with limited production and numbered releases.


Jeff said...

Can hardly wait. I used to be this excited as a kid waiting for baseball cards to hit the stores.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Yeah, but it's harder to put beer bottles in the spokes of your bike.

Anonymous said...

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