Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Big Brew Day Plans

Next Saturday, May 8th, is the American Homebrewers Association's "Big Brew Day." I'm a registered Big Brew site. With my own equipment, I intend to brew two 10-gallon all-grain batches at the same time. I haven't done that before. We'll see how much I time I can put into preparation for it, or I may just do my usual (one) 10-gallon batch.

I still haven't decided what to brew, although their all-grain recipe for "Poor Richard's Ale" looks interesting. If I brew a Kölsch, I won't be using their recipe; it will be another version of my own Kölsch recipe. The second brew will be something special. I have to decide by tonight, so I can get my yeast starter propogated in time.

Either way, I'll start brewing at 12 noon. First though, I'll have a nice, long trail run with some buddies. On tap for Brew Day, I'll have a few of my homebrews to sample, which will include: the last dribbles of my IPA, an American Brown Ale, an oak-aged Imperial Stout, and a Belgian Strong Dark Ale. We can also finish-off some bottled versions of Belgian-style ales that I brewed last year.
If you're in town, drop me a line for directions, and come on by.


headlessbob said...

We're doing the same thing at the brewery this weekend for the Edmonton Homebrewer's Guild. I think we're doing 1200 or 1600 L of the Kolsch (or however its spelt). It should be a fun time, and the EHG has its compitition in early june... I predict the kolsch category to be quite large!

I like the big brew day idea for sure. It'll be a fun time across the continent.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Actually, it's world-wide if you look at the list of sites.

This is the 4th year in a row that I've been a registered site in Big Brew. I normally get "the usual suspects" to attend, and sometimes a few new homebrewers who want to learn all-grain brewing show up.

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Saturday is a rest day for me in preparation for Sunday's race. So I'll be resting at the Nanobrewery getting in some training of a different sort! In moderation of course! Shane might can race strong with a hangover, but it doesn't work that well for me. See ya there.

headlessbob said...

How'd your big brew day go? Ours went pretty well... except for a mash tun steam jacket left on that made our mash out occur 20 minutes into the mash!

We basically produced 1800 L of the kolsch, I have 4 batches going myself that should be interesting.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Big Brew Day went well. I only did one 39-liter was Poor Richard's Ale. I was done brewing in 5 hours, and we partied for 4 more.

Glibbidy said...

Excellent job!
I brewed 1o gallons of a a SNCA clone with a few tweaked modifications. Ended up drinking the rest of my stashed homebrew :(

Anonymous said...

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