Monday, May 01, 2006

Homebrewing Notes from the Weekend

Last Saturday my wife was called into work. I decided at that point to spend some time homebrewing, since I'd planned to spend the day with her, originally. I brewed an IPA, because I'm running out of the IPA that I have on tap. The basic recipe is below.

The Oak-aged Imperial Stout is finally kegged and carbonated. My son and I enjoyed having a few glasses over the weekend. What a wonderful elixer! It is a very complex and tasty brew that has been 5 months in the making. I just hope we don't drink it all before I have a chance to see how it will age further.
Now for the IPA recipe:

Spring Fling IPA
Beer: Spring Fling IPA
Style: American style India Pale Ale
Type: All grain Size: 11 gallons
Color: 10 HCU (~7 SRM)
Bitterness: 71 IBU
OG: Est:1.067 Observed: 1.068
FG: Est:1.015 Observed:
Alcohol: 6.7% v/v (5.2% w/w)
6 lb. Klagas 2 Row Pale, Great Western
17 lb. British pale (Maris Otter)
1 lb. Weyermann Munich Malt
1 lb. Briess Crystal 40L
1 lb. Cara Pils
2 lb. Rahr White Wheat malt
70% efficiency
156° for 80 minutes.
80 minutes
Irish moss and yeast nutrient last 15 minutes.
2 oz. Magnum (10.8% AA, 60 min.) Flowers
1 oz. Cascade (6% AA, 45 min.) Flowers
1 oz. Willamette (5% AA, 45 min.) Flowers
2 oz. Cascade (6% AA, 30 min.) Flowers
1 oz. Willamette (5% AA, 30 min.) Flowers
1 oz. Cascade (6% AA, 15 min.) Flowers
1 oz. Willamette (5% AA, 15 min.) Flowers
Yeast: Use large starter of Wyeast 1056
Brewing notes:
Chilled to 75° in 10 minutes with counter flow chiller.
1) Primary fermentation in glass at 72F for 5-6 days.
2) Secondary fermentation in glass at 72F for 10 days. Dry hop with 2 oz. Cascade pellets.
3) Tertiary conditioning for 3 - 4 days, add gelatin at this point for fining.
Carbonation: 2.2 volumes Keg: 9.0 psi @ 40°F


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

CALL ME when you have another brewing session. I like learning! Knowledge tastes good!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

It will be next Saturday at noon...the AHA's Big Brew Day!

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