Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bad Ben's Nanobrewery Ale Fermentation Area (NAFA)

Here's an up-to-date photo of my Nanobrewery's Ale Fermentation Area. (Yes, I use NAFA to launch my Sputnik).

The Belgian Dark Strong Ale is in the Stainless Steel "Sputnik" Fermenter, the K├Âlschbier is in the (middle) glass 15-gal Demi-John, and the Imperial Stout is in the glass 15-gal Demi-John on the left. My wife has her knitting and I've got this. One Knitwit and one Beer Nerd, a happy couple make.


Hunahpu said...

Cool pic. Is NAFA temperature controlled?

headlessbob said...

Man, you have a pretty sweet setup. It really takes a long time to get a good system going, that I've learned. My home system needs a lot of work!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

The NAFA area is room temperature. In the winter that means 68F. For my SS fermenter, I have a thermostatically controlled, electrically heated wrap, to get the temps where I need to in the later stages of Belgian production.

My lagering "fridge", a re-thermostated upright freezer, can only hold one 15-gallon Demi-John at a time. Therefore, I produce a lot less lagered brews.

That's ok with me. IMHO, ales are more fun, because there are literally thousands of different yeast strains and temperature ranges and processes for producing them. The very recent (last 100-years) lagering method sucks hind tit to ale methods for the most part, when it comes to the ARTFUL creation of beer.

Thanks for the compliments. It took me a long time of accumulation for my brewing setup. That's part of the fun, though, and you learn a lot along the way. I had a "lag time" of a few years when I moved here that I didn't brew at all. One weekend, I got the bug to start reassembling my monster, and made it better than ever within a year. Recently I acquired some old UT15 temperature controllers that they were tossing here at work, and spent a Saturday afternoon programming them and making TCs for them. And so it goes.

dingus said...

wow, great system.

just found your site while surfin!

Hello from lincoln, ne


Anonymous said...

Now that is cool.
I have two six gallon carboys, and only do one batch at a time. Have a Boulder Brewing Hazed and Infused clone batch almost ripe, and a batch of IPA at peak fermentation. Love it!

Anonymous said...

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