Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Granite City's Beer Still Sucks

Well, my beer snob son and I went to Granite City at Zona Rosa in North KC this past weekend, to try to give them another fair shot. Short story: Their beer still sucks! The food and service are great, but the beer is just awful.
I think it's actually gotten worse!

We also had to sit next to a guy at the bar who thought he was some kind of all-knowing-beer-official. He kept droning on and on to his girlfriend about how good the beer was at Granite City, while she was trying to swallow the swill without actually puking. He and the bartender, (who apparently knew nothing about beer, either), kept spewing out beer facts. One of the notable "facts" was, "stout has absolutely no carbs in it, and it has 10-times the alcohol content of India Pale Ale!" Holy shit, it was hard to keep from popping this All-knowing Yuppie Shithead in the mouth. I figure he was being punished enough though, by having to drink the beer, (albeit unknowingly).

By the way, the bartender poured our first samples as "double pulls", once again, (mixed with light lager). I told him to pour them down the f*cking drain. We left with our beer glasses 3/4 full.

To end on a "nice" note, 75th Street Brewery has a nice seasonal offering. They produced a very tasty example of an Imperial Stout. I had an early sample 2 weeks ago, and it was very good then, but it has improved more, since. Try it, if you are in town...before it disappears.


Hunahpu said...

I simply do not understand. Why would someone go to all the trouble of brewing beer to water down with mega-swill? That is truely odd.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

What's really odd is this company's practice of brewing at one nationwide location, then transporting refrigerated wort to the various restaurant locations to be heated to fermentation temperature, and then fermented out. (Or so I've been told).

Bryan said...

I too am very confused. Please don't return, I can't take it anymore ;-)

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Don't worry. I won't be back.

I'd rather drink my own piss...at least I know how it was handled during every step of the process.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I found an actual article about how Granite City Brews:

MINNEAPOLIS — October 18, 2001 — Founders Food & Firkins Ltd., d/b/a Granite City Food & Brewery (Nasdaq: GCFBU) announced the launch of a new patent-pending brewery process that will make micro-brewing for multiple locations more efficient. This brew method is trademarked under the name “Fermentus Interuptus” and allows Granite City Food & Brewery to transfer an unfermented liquid called wort, from one location to other locations where the fermenting will begin and the brew process will be completed.

Fermentus Interuptus is intended to improve the economics of Granite City’s micro-brewing process by eliminating the initial stages of brewing and storage at multiple locations, thereby reducing development costs at new restaurant locations. The unfermented liquid known as wort contains no alcohol so it can be trucked anywhere in the United States. The receiving brewpub will unload the wort into its own brewing vessels, add yeast cells and conclude the brew process with fermentation, aging, storing and eventually dispensing beer.

The Fermentus Interuptus brew process will originate at the Sioux Falls, South Dakota brewery. The wort will be trucked to Granite City Food & Brewery in Fargo, North Dakota, which is scheduled to open to the public in mid November 2001. Although wort will be shipped only to the Fargo location at this time, the Sioux Falls brewery is large enough to service as many as 15 brew pubs. The Company’s Chairman and Brewmaster Bill Burdick said “Every restaurant that is added to the Fermentus Interuptus program is expected to improve margins by serving multiple locations with a single brewing operation. Through this patent-pending process we are able to keep our high quality product intact and enhance our overall profitability. Truly the best of both worlds.”
From: http://www.gcfb.net/pressoct18-01.htm

headlessbob said...

That scheme is a pretty good idea, as it is pretty inefficient to use expensive retail space for what is essentially an industrial process. Too bad they just don't make good beer.

I don't see how they can patent making wort then shipping it to another location... unless they employ a process to boil down the volume to a high gravity so the reciever adds water before brewing. There is nothing really innovative in that process, its just like a beer kit... Then they would be able to sue all the beer kit makers.

Patents suck.

PeterVE said...

Hops is the same sort of "brewpub" chain with fairly decent food and really lousy beer. The local one here in Providence closed after two years, with no effect on the two local real brewpubs. I suspect that the managers of the chain don't drink beer.

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