Friday, March 17, 2006

Nanobrewery Update

The photos are of a Saison that I brewed in March of 2005, (that we polished-off on last Sunday's brewday), and there's one of Good Ben enjoying the same Saison, and a closeup photo of the hat he's wearing. My son, ever the artist, painted the hat while I brewed that day.
Brewery Update:
The Brown Ale that I brewed on the "tornado day" is almost ready to transfer to secondary fermentation. Either Saturday or Sunday will be the day. I transferred the IPA that I brewed for James to kegs and carbonated. I had a taste of the IPA last night, and it's a winner! It's fairly aromatic and hoppy, and has a very crisp and clean finish. The Strong Dark Belgian Ale will be ready to transfer to tertiary conditioning by next week, I think.


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

Man! Who is that retarded kid? You let him drink beer? I was just trying to get into the spirit of White-Trash Theater. Very good and complex flavors in that Belgian. Those are my favorite! Can't wait to see how the Brown turns out.

PS. You suck!

crallspace said...

I have already had 3 beers tonight but after reading this I want to drink a 4th.

I got Henry Weinhardt's Summer Wheat.

headlessbob said...

I've had two bottles of wine.... and want to drink a 3rd... (and its early here).......
You need a new post... this one has been up for quite sme time.

Although, I am guilty of the same thing.

Damn alcohol, drunking me. Lets see if I can type the word verification....