Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Different Shade of Brown

On a suggestion by my son, I brewed a Belgian version of my American Brown Ale.

All went as planned, and we'll see what comes of it.


WynnMan said...

some tasty grog man, wish i lived in your house. my teeth would be floating in your lovely libations all day. My buddy luke is bringing up a winter that he made and named it after what I suggested. Shackleton!

hope all is well and look forward to seeing you at another Kansas race. FreeState maybe or something in the summer. Thanks again for all of your help at Heartland. Your aid was da bomb! I wish I had not been so fried from the weather to muster up the energy to chew the sinew with you guys and drink.

happy holidays from the UMTR folk.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

You're welcome, WynnMan. Too bad you couldn't have had more of my Uber Saison at the aid station...that stuff is The Tits!

It'll be nice to see your mug at another race. I'm slightly injured right now, and brewing more than I'm running. I've got to keep my mind wrapped-around running this next 100-miler on Feb 7; I wanted to break my old I'm just shooting for survival and a not-so-brutal-finish.