Monday, December 08, 2008

A Pisces Scales Up

Eight days ago I brewed a Robust Porter. It's the latest version of my Sherpa Porter. Not to brag too much, but my Porter seems to be enjoyed by a lot of folks that know their beer. And it doesn't just rest on it's gets consumed.

I'll be transferring it to secondary carbonation this afternoon. I should have performed this yesterday, but was a little tired from working (on a Sunday), damnit!

In other news on the homebrewing front: I'm going to be collaborating with a local/regional "commercial enterprise" to scale up one or more of my homebrew recipes at a craft brewery for submission into the 2009 GABF Pro-Am competition. Hey, entering the competition will be Beeriffic enough, but having a commercial beer made from my recipe(s) will be the true honor. The acclaimed veteran head brewer of this establishment likes my stuff! (That's the real honor).

Other news: My experimental I.B.I.P.A. (Imperial Brett India Pale Ale) has a very pleasing flavor profile. It turned-out better than I thought it would; it's quite refreshing. I had it with some Maytag Blue Cheese last night, and they paired well together. This project took a while, though...waiting for 2 years worth of fermentation and conditioning was a test of my discipline, all right. And so was stopping at just one glass of IBIPA, even though I was really stoked about it.

I've got a couple more vessels of experimental stuff much more on the fringe than this latest beer, though. But I've got to wait. Discipline, discipline!


Owd Müller said...

Congrats and good luck in the Pro-Am. It would be awesome to see some one from the area win.

Ben, aka BadBen said...


Amy said...

That's exciting about the submission - good luck!

The IBIPA sounds fascinating - two qualities in beers I enjoy, bitter hoppiness & brett-related sourness.

I can't imagine waiting 2 years, though. I admire your patience! Pairing with the blue sounds amazing - since you make it out to Oregon frequently, is it safe to assume you've had Rogue River's blue? Their smoked blue? If not, they're worth picking up (Whole Foods & New Seasons both carry them).

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Yes, I've been sampling this and other brews...and am a member of Rogue Nation.

Amy said...

Oh, I meant Rogue River blue cheese; sorry for not being clear. :) The creamery makes a smoked blue that is out of this world.