Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beer Blogger's Summit...World Peace Declared

Well, we had a little piece of World Peace while we met at 75th Street Brewery, anyway.

Lee and Lady Margaret from Austin helped put together this meeting of (addled) minds in Kansas City, on a fine Saturday afternoon. Also in attendance were Muddy Mo and Bull E. Vard. We talked beer, politics, music, OBF, Beer Geek TV, running and the vast selection of items available at Red X. My son Matt stopped by also, and we ran into Chimpotle, as well.

Lee broke all known Missouri laws and introduced us to a bottle of North by Northwest Brewery's "Kodiak IPA." For an IPA with 6% ABV, it sure tasted much bigger than that. It appears that Cascade hops were used to dry-hop and finish this tasty brew. It's definitely one of the best beers that I've had from Texas, (normally referred to by me as the land of "sweet tea" and sweet beer). But Austin is really in its own little world, compared to the rest of Texas, ala Lawrence, Kansas.

What a nice summit! We'll have to do this again.


Lee said...

I had a blast, Ben. Look me up if you ever get down to Austin. I'll be thinking about you next summer when I'm in Oregon enjoying the Olympic Track & Field Trials and enjoying tasty northwestern beer.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

That was fun! I certainly will look you and Mags up, when I go to Austin. I'll be in the PacNW at least 3 times, this Summer. I'm going in 3 weeks to Seattle, too.