Monday, December 31, 2007


Yes, it's that time of year again. Time for my annual "Beer Utilization and Reduction Party." This is when I make a valid attempt to rid myself of some of my homebrewing stock, to make room for new brews. (Brewing in 10-gallon batches contributes to this unique problem).

Once again, this party will have a weird mix of folks: homebrewers, pro-brewers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and road runners. (No coyotes, though). As in the past, it can be a really good time.

Party Time: 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Date: Saturday, December 43rd, 2007 in the "Bad Benian Calendar," (otherwise known as January 12, 2008).
Location: My House (just drive into Johnson County, and look for the beige house in the culdesac...can't miss it).
Food and Beverages: I'll have Chili to eat, and (at least) 5 beers on tap. If you don't like beer, bring another beverage or a counselor.
Beers available will be: My Uber Saison (Beaucoup Belgian Farmhouse Ale), an aged 4-year old English-style Barleywine (Tenacious Curmudgeon), a younger American-style Barleywine (Event Horizon), a Robust Porter (Sherpa Porter), and an in-your face hoppy IPA (Sucker Punch IPA). I may bring out some more stock as the evening progresses.

Please bring your choice of ONE of the following:

1) Snack food, or any potluck item.

2) *Beer, mead, or an interesting wine; (ESPECIALLY if it's homemade or craft made). No Budweiser or anything like that, please, (unless that's all that you'll drink).
Also bring:
A semi-good looking Significant Other, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, mistress, gigolo, stripper, or reasonable facsimile, thereof. Or you can bring a friend or just yourself.
NO KIDS or UFC Cage Fighters, PLEASE.

NOTE: If you plan on imbibing like a frat-boy or whorority-chick, please BRING A DESIGNATED DRIVER; or you can stay-over and sleep on one of our nice inflatable air beds and have our big, slobbery dog lick your face all night. (Don't worry, he's been neutered).

*Homebrewers: For mini-kegs I have an extra CO2 bottle and hoses, if you have the proper fittings.

If you want more information (like an address, or the type of new laptop that I'd like you to purchase for me), you can get my e-mail address from my profile. If you can't find that, you've already had enough beer to drink. Don't ever come to my BURP party with a headstart, or your liver will definitely explode.

Cheers and happy trails,
Bad Ben


Muddy Mo said...

I'm trying to clear my calender as I write.

Muddy Mo said...

See, I'm so frantically trying to make it to the BURP, I can't even spell calendar.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

As long as you don't spill colander, it will be okay. See you there, Mo.