Saturday, December 22, 2007

"F" the APA

To heck with the APA. Because of the "hop crisis," I'm brewing an IPA on Monday, instead. Bring on the Columbus and in-your-frigging-face hops!

By the way: Anyone that likes good brew is invited (if you're in the Kansas City area). Show up around noon. I'll be well underway, by then. You can bring some munchies or food, if you're so inclined. And dress warmly. On tap, I'll have a fresh Robust Porter, a 4-y.o. Barleywine, a fairly new Barleywine, a Belgian Farmhouse Ale, and a Oak-aged Imperial Stout; maybe more!

You can get my e-mail address from my profile. If you can't find it, you deserve to wallow in self-pity and stale Budweiser.

Cheers and happy trails,
Bad Ben


Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

That's right you damn dirty apes! Wallow in your stale budwiser.
Merry Christmas Brewmaster! Have one for me. Wish I could join you.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Wish you were here, Good Ben.
Take care of the family and have a Merry Christmas!

Bad Ben